Our SXX Beasts are all you will ever need for an outstanding High Pressure Pounding deep and voluminous Bass Performance.

SXX XENON Series feature Kraft Pulp Cone with Carbon Fibers in Matrix, built in a sandwich construction with a printed inversed full size PP Dustcap, effect into an air damped chamber which Sound our XENON Beasts are famous for.Large Rubatek Foam surrounds asure unlimited Excursions, using the most famous and proven 12spoke cast basket in car audio industry. Feature military standard allen screw terminals awaite up to 8GA power speaker cables. Dual unbreakable progressiv spiders and a tripple stacked 500oz Engine size can never loose controle and is stylish protected with a massiv Excursion Rubber Boot. 8x layered 3" Aluminium Flat Voice Coil Technology got especially designed for those low frequency rides your car will hate you for.

Put these Beasts in your trunk and enjoy with all of you deepest frequency waves as crystal clear as Xenon light for your eyes. Now, while stocks last, outstanding XENON performance for bucks you usually afford our EXELLENCE Bastards.

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