We state clearly that even our MXT.v2 Bitches are nothing you will ever need. This is why we call them Bitch at all. We have made them for the moment boys grow to men in the competition lane.

These MXT.v2 Bitches feature a verly light kraft pulp sandwich Cone with Carbon Fibers in enforcements. This pulped sandwich structure keeps high parts of internal air chambers which decrease weight, but increase thickness, stiffness and effect in higher damping for lower FS. All this while keeping exeptionally stable and pimped with a circle of 8pc 3GA vent holes below our full Carbon Dustcap area for a contious cooling airflow of the critical VC Structure.The cone and its choices of material effect almost everything in regard to the Performance Quality of the sub. While the cone must remain exeptionally stable under all the stress of high sound pressure levels, a well balanced formula of maximum stiffness via minimum weight is the keypoint. MXT.v2 Bitches feature a narrow and extra High Roll Rubatek Foam surround able to secure unlimited and especially fast movements of Peaks, but with a maximum size of fact cone area.

Another keypoint to go ahead in the lane and stiched to the cone unbreakable. Both landed in the most famous TC sound competition basket with an outstanding 10" spider landing and screwed Dual Spider Rings for maximum precision in craftmanship. Those are the home of our dual linear several composite spiders with Dual 10GA high grade Tinsseal, which are wooven from every military standard allen screw terminal to each voice coil. Our Terminals accept up to 8GA power speaker cables, but are even designed for some optionial Dual Hollywood ENERGETIC Terminals (HPST8) to step from 4x 8GA up to 8x 8GA INPUT.

The exclusive heart of our MXT.v2 are our 4layer aluminium 3" light weight high temperature Voice Coil Technology with 60mm of Roll Range height. Black liquid coated for an extra on cooling with the top vented lightless aluminium former. Offer the biggest choice of impedances allover all series. Present a tripple stacked closed Motorstructure of 800oz sheer Power, which effect into an impulse to compare with a gun ...and, by the way in manner of a Bitch, with the most sexy ass allover our Excursion range.

At the end we cover everything with an individually die cast aluminium Gasket Ring Tooling. A perfect finish for a perfect handling and a perfect product. We carefully laser cut our EXCURSION logos there to asure that you will at once know whom you fall in love if our MXT.v2 Bitches get you in their car... MXT Formula Two design is made for the track and not the road, but even easily step up to High End as there is no possibility to leave away any kind of musical information of your records. No compromizes. If you feel apointed for the podium than this is your way our Bitches will route you ....

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