5-Layer Black Paper/Wool Cone with Glasfiber reinforcement: The cone and its
choice of material effect almost everything in regard to the Sound Quality of the
subwoofer. While the cone must remain exeptionally stable under the stress of high
sound pressure levels a well balanced formula of maximum stiffness at minimum
weight is the prior target next to a high grade internal damping for reproduction
from the deepest bottom signals. We at EXCRUSION especially took care at this
keypoint of a suboofer and designed an aerial sandwich technology of natural
paper and woll material with Glasfiber reinformement to increase stiffness and
accurate sound. Complex pressed all together into one piece our cone design include
another statical gap in the center of cone suit our dustcap with perfect integration.

3D EXCURSION Dustcap Design: The impressiv and agressiv looking of our dustcap
is only the welcome side effect of a very carfully research of its technolgy. We are
confident that we have designed the lightest dustcap at this stiffness on the market.
This is staticcal caused of our Logo design with a pair of 3D outer Circle and of
course the 3D X-Design and only a minimum of high grade Polypropylen material.

Rigid tooled fully vented Steel Basket: Their symmetrical design together with the
stamped EXCURSION logos ensure outstanding static, aerodynamic and stiffness of
our EXCURSION steel baskets. This results in maximum excursion in an extremly
rigid non-resonant frame, which fix motor structure and all moving parts together.
Coated with black antivibration colour the baskets are acoustical deaden to provide
best results. We at EXCURSION took especially care of maximum cooling of voice coil.
All baskets are perimeter vented below the spider for maximum heat transfer,
knowing that a cool voice coil is able to take more power and handle more power.

Voice Coils: The heart of EXCURSION Subs are the 2" and 2.5" carefully designed
Voice Coils. At SHX Subwoofers we even topped ourselves. We ensured with extra
vents in the upper aluminium former a fully air cooling circle flow between pole
piece of motor and perimeter ventilalion of the steel basket. This progress at every
stroke they do and keep the coil fully air conditioned for maximum performance.
Using the finest pure copper for this monster coils, precise winded on aluminium
formers back up the powerful long life of your investment without heart attack.

Up to 230 once Motor Structure: The motor structure of a Subwoofer drives the cone.
Just like an engine of a car our engines allow your SHX Subwoofer transfer a very lot of
Power while our linear spider with wooven Tinseal ensure precise linear movements.
Our extra bumped and aero pole vented backplates take care of no limits for the coil.

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