SXX.v2 Beasts simular the AMG Level allover EXCURSION and perform with Formula ONE Genetics asap. released on street or in the Lane. Nothing of the new SXX.v2 Design sourced from previous. Every single part and details has been fundamental renewed. SXX.v2 research is a strict devotion to top leading standards, but not missunderstood with cheaper standards ...go maximum value for even less bucks than before.

SXX.v2 Beasts start a new history with the rarely difference of luxury individually Designs to suit exact to fact size. 12" & 15" do serious consider each Motor and Transmission relativ to their different moving masses and excursion. With reference 15" new Tripple Stack Motor grew 25% in size and upgrade Magnetforce more than 40%. Means now SXX.v2 reach already 80% of the XXX Motor Power. Effect that the SXX.v2 AMG Level therefor got capable to benefit with our Competition designed MXT Voice Coil and more Formula ONE Genetics. This black wolf in a sheep dress means 50% more VC RollRange at lightweight & air vented aluminium formers. This means a 40% more X-Max are travelling in the 8 holes back vented VC Gap with a clear more on power handling than before.

SXX.v2 with 40% more Force and X-Max forced us to renew Bounce&Surround System to upper new AMG Level. New HDR (70:5 High Density & High Roll ) Surrounds, even Formula ONE, choose BEST between different surround concepts of XXX and MXT. Now solid stitched to hold forever on Kraft Pulp Cone we are today very confident to introduce a new EXCURSION style Art element using passionate blood red colour for the stitching and the spider. Stitching got visible via a smaller Dia of our full size white printed PP inverse Dustcap which works with its air damped and vented chamber with typcial sound our XENON Beast are famous for.

With smaller Dia of inverse DC (inner surround) visible illustrate a more on depth of cone which get supported with a maximum contrast of our MXT die cast aluminium part gasket, shows a quad of EXCURSION laser cut logos. All invoations could not land in the old filigree 12spoke basket anymore. But SXX.v2 Design even asked for protection against called small MXT or XXX Sub. No easy way to go for us but we understood a new AMG Level demand a standalone identity for a standalone performance. Therefor we are after carefully research and modification very confident to introduce our new massive 6spoke AMG Level die cast basket to Excursion brand for new SXX.v2. This basket with a bigger 8.5" spider landing and Spider Ring asure maximum precision in craftmanship and are the home of our new blood red colored dual composite linear spiders with Dual 12GA high grade Tinsseal, which are wooven from military standard allen screw terminal to each voice coil.

Our Terminals accept as standard up to 8GA power speaker cables, but are even designed for some optionial Dual Hollywood ENERGETIC Terminals (HPST8) to step from 4x 8GA up to 8x 8GA INPUT. SXX.v2 continue truely a very long history of value and excellence according our all you need philosophy.

We are proud to have it done and able to serve with those Beasts for your trunk.
Feel deepest frequency waves as crystal clear as Xenon light for your eyes.

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