What happens if an EXCURSION basshead stand infront of the heaven`s gate and ask for entrance ?

He get asked about his Setup and his best Scores on Earth.

But since EXCURSION was founded and their competition bitches are in the lanes, more and more have been too loud and too good equiped to enter the heaven still as the "good boys".

Sorry ... NO entrance.

These incredible NEWS got heard down to hell`s kitchen and the master got informed right away about these hopeless bassheads.

So the EXCURSION engineer was consulted down to hell. This in order to make the devil´s plan come true. This that the Master can raise up to earth as the diabolical reborn RED EXCURSION DEVIL to get those dammed bassheads all.....

... forged with components in the fire of hell, like this apocalyptic 4 “monster aluminum flat wire coil whose massive energy paths wind up to 85mm around the ventilated aluminium former and purest Y35 ferrite power of a 1000oz drive already electrically pushes an air space of 6cm cone area and mechanically set these limits in the dance with hell at loads up to a 15000 Watt peak torture unequaled,

no possible absolution for all these lost basshead souls as soon the Red EXCURSION devil got them.Damn it in their vehicles, they have to endure and endure the pressure and vibrations on their bodies forever.

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