Our XXX born Ground Pumping Gun Machines are definitely not what anybody need.

We have made them for incar madness far away a Subwoofer should have been acoustical built for. They are consequent overbuilt, perform with all Features up to time and are prior in order to transfer fully unserious Fun and Emotions into your ride.

A tripple layererd component one piece spider got especially designed to keep controle in our new XXX long stroke die cast basket concept. This one feature our Excursion military standard allen screw terminals awaite up to 8GA power speaker cables, which are designed for optionial Dual Hollywood ENERGETIC Terminals (HPST8) to increase INPUT from 4x 8GA up to 8x 8GA wiring.

Carefully wooven heavy 12GA dual Tinseal lead really all of your amplifier power direct to the 6 layered 3"CCAR aluminium flat coil. Our XXX Voice Coil design shows up with an outstanding Roll Range Height of 64mm, pimped with our Excursion Top Vents at the upper area of the lightweight aluminium Former.

There is absolut no doubt what the XXX Machine are going to do with your ride if you open the gate of Power. These Excursion XXXTreme Machines feature a tripple stacked closed Motorstructure of 700oz sheer Power and an extended deep Kraft Pulp Cone with Carbon Fibers in Matrix to keep exeptionally stable, shows up with a circle of 8x 3GA ventilation holes under Dustcap area for contious cooling airflow of Voice Coil.

They visual feature with their first impression with a very large oversized Rubatek Foam surround. Capable for those unlimited XXX movements which are getting sexy visual illustrated via our Excursion 3D Dustcap. You want Emotions ? Get prepared ..

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