EXCURSION SXA VOLT Series - New mid of 2023 Touch Down and fully available from now.

EXCURSION arrived at the forefront of truck audio outfitters with a complete range of the most powerful 24Volt Amplifier in 2-channel, 4-channel and MONO on the worldmarket.

State-of-the-art FullBridge High Power Technology is therefore also available for the 24 volt community for the first time, but with EXCURSION it remains affordable as usual.

All models can optionally be controlled with external remote controller. Means we even could fulfill the wishes of our customers who asked for Remote Control for the 4-channel.

The selection for the controller stays between the simple SXA RC or the very popular SXA VRC with red VoltDisplay, clipping and protect display.

Further consider that with a complete range of XXX Pro Audio Midrange and Highrange speaker EXCURSION has ALL YOU NEED for a successful change of your truck cabin to a moving Party TECHNODROM.

This aside of those 10 series of Subwoofers there are.

SXA VOLT SERIES - Exclusive available at the finest authorizied Truck Audio specialists in Europe … Get yours now !

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