TRANSFORMER ... often discussed, often rejected, always difficult, always unreachable.

But time does not stop. The time in which ever greater amplifier performance is always offered cheaper and thus make new demands on entry-level and mid-size subwoofer is not only at EXCURSION today the present. Today calls for a new category of subwoofers that takes into account and builds new demands for more affordable performance. Subwoofers that are similar inexpensive and affordable can perform what was previously the upper class and thus follow up with the same technical development of the amplifiers.

It's time and demand for a new generation and we present this T Generation of 8/10/12 "SXT TRANSFORMERS between our well known REFERENCE and EXCELLENCE series columns. The key to Generation T was to go beyond the limits of steel sheet basket geometry to reliably fix beyond 350oz engines for the first time, opening the door to superclass performance with larger 3 "coils. The goal was immediately set on this new cost-saving platform without further compromises but with economic calculation to dominate these new borders.

So we wind our proven and ventilated aluminum coil former with pure OFC copper up to a winding height of 45mm and result with this generation SXT already an outperform parameters of the several more expensive first generation SXE and SXX series and with comparably large motors. New requirements for centering are here in double execution with reinforced linear NOMEX centering perfectly locked in multiple screwed rings and blood red design. Color accents that repeat in the seams of the oversized high-density surrounds and lettering.

Of course, all other known EXCURSION standards can be found in the SXT like our massive double 8GA/10mm² high current terminals and here with a 300oz dual stack motor which with a necessarily extended pole plate which oversized ventilation openings have the charm of a revolver that just wants to be charged.

TRANSFORMER or Generation T stands for a motto and the transformation into a new era of subwoofer production. With dimensions of die cast baskets, we have exceeded the limits with our T steel basket. With powerfully punched EXCURSION brand logos and high efficient vent structure we use T basket across the overall 2020 concept as our platform for our SXR REFERENCE, SXT  TRANSFORMER and SXE EXCELLENCE subwoofer.

Follows us, but note our warning SXT could missunderstand their motto and can also transform the shape of your car.

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