What we call our REFERENCE series is again in our Version.2 our flagship and the entry into the new EXCURSION design concept 2020.

Our SXR are still our best bass buddies in our EXCURSION world. Dads with whom others but better not invest and should stay away. Innovations from previous decades once again meet new materials and create fresh ideas of our time. As result, are much further ahead than ever expected. Performance totally unexpected to be possible in this price range.

A lightweight, yet thick natural paper cone with kraft pulp cores convinces with a dry and a voluminous impressive deep bass performance that keeps no eye dry. Our oversized and red-stitched rubberized foam surrounds allow unlimited movement in our completely redesigned EXCURSION Generation T steel basket stiffened with our X embossing.

A multi-stage cooling takes place in quadruple form by the circulation of the lateral ventilation openings of the basket and the upper ventilation openings of the bobbin, down to the voice coil nip and the ventilation openings and centrally through the core bore of the bottom plate.

Our 4 layered 35mm high OFC copper coil is wounded on solid 2.5 "aluminum former and fits into our larger-sized linear spider. With blood-red color and the same-colored seams of the surround, they also set new visual accents and contrasts. However, our optimized 220 Oz Motor also ensures exact movements and acceleration. This comes now only, but for, with a single oversized magnet stack and reaches lossless another more on POWER.

Brand-typical, of course, were dispensed with in the new SXR.v2 series on the market cheap compression spring terminal and instead, similar to power connections of amplifiers, feature massive double 10mm² high current terminals and allen screws. This ensures lossless perfect contact under the most extreme working conditions.

In another option and in the accessories range of Hollywood ENERGETIC you will find suitable HPST8 (10mm² double Power Support Terminals). This means that even in the REFERENCE class a connection cabling of up to 8x 10mm² OFC cable leads for each subwoofer is theoretically possible. This certainly makes every perfectionist sleep absolutely quiet.

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