Plug eXcursion Amplified ISO DIN OEM Upgrade series offer a maximum installation comfort with a maximum performance. This in order to upgrade your OEM car audio to an upper professional level while keeping the fully reconstruction capability.

PXA45 feature heavy duty stackable heatsink design with military standard for all Terminals and electronic parts. The EXCURSION PXI6 (6ft/1,8m) Plug & Play ISO harness connect via 20Pol the amp direct with the ISO OEM Plugs of your car.

While Front & Rear speaker get filtered High Pass the RCA PRE & REM OUT await to supply optional our PXAB8 underseat Subwoofer, SXA or HXA Mono Amplifiers.

Within PXA ISO DIN OEM Upgrade Concept we focus the basic handicap of all ISO Plug installs which is finally the limitation of the Power and Ground cable wiring. Therefor a novelity of PXA45 are those extra 8GA CAP Power Terminals, prepared to hook up an optional energy storage like Car Audio Caps or Car Audio Batteries.

Too small diameter of the Power Cable effect into losses of voltage at higher consumption demands. Less Voltage effect direct into losses of Power and its Sound Quality, follow up with much higher Distoration of the Audio Signal. Especially in challenge with all kind of music material every amplifier need stable power supply to perform at its best fine and rough dynamic according to the origin recording @ best without distoration.

In order to perform its best quality we recommend to hook up extra Power Capacity. This local Energy Storage provide quick impulsiv discharge power supply while continous stable recharging of the Capacity Storage via the Plug & Play harness is possible. The Power Capacity Storage follow in size the total consumption. Sure to increase relativ.

Note:Capacities are recommend in short distance with 12Volt Caps & AGM Batteries

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