EXCELLENCE ... what is excellent in the T generation when new materials have moved all boundaries? 

Where, on the dark side of the TRANSFORMERS, one encounters set maximized price / performance limits, in the light of the EXCELLENCE development, this T platform is brought to its final feasible technical limits. SXE in the small T chassis clearly takes its bigger brothers as its role model and this "super" lightweight Bastard makes it extremely good and sees itself as the still unknown underdog in the EXCURSION world.

So it is primarily the inner values ​​which make this excellent difference and a knowing eye that exposes the wolf in sheep's clothing. Deep researched in the tuning box we have here with a purebred american aluminum round wire coil used which equal to 1/3 more winding height of 60mm meet XMAX parameters of the bigger brothers. Carefully wrapped on our proven ventilated aluminum former, we clearly save on sluggishly moving mass, but only with an additional spacer are these upper class values ​​of the US machine at least in our 12 "EXCURSION T basket also practically possible.

Conceptual reserves of the centering are here in duplicate with reinforced linear NOMEX centering available and perfectly locked with multiple screwed rings in blood red design. Accents that repeat in the seams of the oversized high-density surrounds and lettering. Now in the version.2 with visible seams which reduces the EXCELLENT face of the inverse dust cap and thus visually with more depth and area receives the ventilated intermediate chamber to the pulp cone. Important for the popular Fat sound character of this famous sandwich construction.

Of course you can find all known further EXCURSION standards but at SXE we finally go with a 350oz Dual Stack engine structure to the final mechanical limit of the EXCURSION T basket. With the much longer pole plate and its oversized ventilation holes, SXE retains the charm of a revolver, but the black hammered paint not only visually enhances the caliber with which SXE wants to be charged is MAGNUM.

Our Terminals accept as standard up to 8GA power speaker cables, but are even designed for some optionial Dual Hollywood ENERGETIC Terminals (HPST8) to step from 4x 8GA up to 8x 8GA INPUT. SXE.v2 continue truely a very long history of value and excellence according our all you need philosophy.

We are proud to have it done and able to serve with those Bastards for your trunk. Go with your Underdogs into your challenge and shake all the sleepy big boys up

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