It is only days ago since we have proudly introduced our new Hollywood High Current line. Since we have received mixed feedbacks. At the end of the day it is a professional matter how to listen to critical voices. Those critical voices who asked us why continue an fully outdated design, concept and specs. Why not look forward. Those voices catched us, cause they asured to know that we can do usually better.

Truth hurts. If to look forward to the upcoming years and decades it is indeed a NO GO to hold on. Folks we say thank you to all those cirtical voices and agree the track backward is the wrong track for a new brand. Hollywood High Current is going to X-Mas now and wish all the best and happy new year.

Hollywood High Current will show up with a fully new and modern Design as soon in the next year. A new Concept and reworked Specs for our famous AGM technology which are featuring :

* optimal energy density by AGM TECHNOLOGY
* closed system completely maintenance free
* flexible installation possible in all positions
* high pulse power by lowest ESR values
* robust protection against heat and vibration
* lowest self discharge and high service life
* fast charging times and endurance capacity

With an accessoires range of metal cases and 3/8" Post Terminals the Hollywood High Current Cells will not only target being the best choice for competition or additional car audio power for the buck. They will easy outperform as OEM replacement solution everything on the market.

Power up with HIGH CURRENT for your Hollywood ride ... soon.

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