Hollywood HIGH CURRENT Car Audio Power Cells are especially designed for durable long term applications.

With its outstanding intl. reputation we are featuring this most solid high grade AGM technology in traditional blue case Design.

Hollywood HIGH CURRENT is your extra mile on power you need to enjoy Car Audio while others would like. They keep up durable stable especially while your alternator is unable to charge your system.

Hollywood HIGH CURRENT refer to demands you find at car shows, Demo, private powered car wash or your midnight beach party. Most common competition applicatons, which demand a very stable back up, are for example SQL judgements or the popular Bass Race contests.

Finally with a range of metal cases and 3/8" Post Terminals the Hollywood HIGH CURRENT Cells do not only target being the best choice for competition or additional Car Audio power for your buck. They further easy outperform as OEM replacement everything on the OEM market.

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