Our Tropp of new Hollywood ENERGETIC Power Cell Boosters has arrived. They are ready for hard Car Audio Battles from 2015. Their legendary Mission is to leave no more room on the field of competition.

Our Army of ENERGETIC got fully redesigned and improved, featuring now 5 models from 0.5 Farad up to 6 Farad in 3 different Heights, in 2 different Diameters and target to cover all choices of MAX and MIN demands in size and performance. They are shipping in new packing and various install accessoires - plus an additional security Plexi Top Cover for short cut protection the wiring in car.

Finally upgraded to 4 Digit blue LCD digital Voltage Display, which is optional adjustable, they feature solid Auto TURN ON/OFF Function of the Electronic. These new Boosters will make your Hollywood rides even more ENERGETIC from 2015.

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