After a 15-year break and restructure process, µ-Dimension is renewing its ELEMENTARY car audio teaching and acoustic research with an extraordinary new series of high-performance "new technology" amplifiers which symbolically represent the philosophy of the natural ELEMENTS and thus cement their claim to their irreplaceability for its come back to the market.

µ-DIMENSION always been highly regarded from its beginnings for high-end amplifiers and their presence in Sound Quality competition in Europe, commit themselves with this genetic not only to define the limits of technological feasibility but also to meet the justifiably high expectations of the brand's sound quality plus still being able to take everyone on this journey.

ELEMENTARY but not arrogant ELITARY .. this is the claim of the traditional brand and therefore reasonable grounded in every price range.

Now todays the new ELEMENT ELA series not only surprises with a very unusually high power output and full-range efficiency with at best "pocket" size, but also with a wink in the eye that µ-Dimension could not resist the "competitive tinkering" and their respective largest Models are also offered again in an in-house tuned PRO special series in the same production.

Here you will find components whose names set the maximum standards in the scene. Where µ-Dimension defined the brand-typical sound in its early beginnings with Japanese ELNA capacitors, decades later, even higher quality and higher temperature-resistant Japanese Rubycon capacitors are used in the ELEMENT PRO tuned exclusive series. An offer that will take a long time to compare on the market, but first of all it shows that µ-DIMENSION love what they do and that this passion has become true as like a kind of magic with this new ELEMENT series for this generation..

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