New ELEMENT EU Design focus after on decade success in the car audio market even more value to the customer.

The leading State of the Art High End @ Entry Component received a basic modification at its elementary parts in regard of thermic, resistance and installation. At first we step up to a fully circle air ventilated motor structure. Via new open pole piece and new cone vents below dustcap the voice coil stay cooled much more and effect into higher power handling and larger headroom as well resolution.

Following the Pure Audio principales we minimized resistances whereever possible and and doubled the thickness of PCB copper layers of ELEMENT Crossover. Knowing that the Tweeters ever stay the dominant part to perform Sound Quality we have increased the length of the fine stranded OFC Tweeter wire to asure via new Spade Terminals the best contact for the best signal direct from Crossover at installation.

With Greetings to our leading car audio installers we support their job with a strong dual adhesive Tape at rear of the maybe smartest 2way crossover in size they ever worked with. This little tool effect to the always missing 3rd hand at installation and we hope they will see the mothership is with them ...

Finally the most remarkable novelty is that new ELEMENT benefit from our ProZ engineering and can share from now our unique tooled u-Dimension Speaker Grill concept, which has been origin designed during ProX Competition Engineering. Protection with NO increase outer diameter of the speaker effect into a wider range of installation possibilities in the conception of the whole car audio system. At the end of road this finish into a final speaker family design of u-Dimension Trademark in future.

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