ProZ Speaker Series continue a competition tradition of unique PMI Speaker technologies which u-Dimension has started with their legendary Jr Series Speaker Series in the previous millenium. Several times awarded Jr Series has set standards unreachable for the competitors in the market till presence. Well known for their authentic low frequency performance we took our best technology and restarted our Acoustic Research to meet those higher Competition Series demands of u-Dimension ProZ Series for the new Millenium.

We restarted our research with our PMI cone and our unbreakable Voice Coils. From that point we evaluated every single part for the better. We started to design a new resonance freed ABS basket with sideways VC Ventilations, which optimize weight to stiffness and aeordynamic advantages. Center pole vented the whole motor system upgraded to fully airconditioned with improved linear spiders and proved rubberized santropen rollover surrounds to match the perfect impuls. We designed smart speaker terminals meet OEM standards, but further meet the demands of high grade competition installations. We took over the novelty from ProX Series and tooled individual rubber gaskets with speaker grill integrations to keep outer DIN dimensions. While ProZ or ProX Speakers are Grill protected they show up with this fact size advantage in difficult car cabinets, results sometimes to a bigger speaker selection and different concept..

Well awared of praxis we designed a passiv network which look back on competition feed back of a decade to asure best staging with a quite low 2.5Khz xover point. With prior target mind losses we developed the smallest possible PCB based on solid 70u pure copper layers. We equiped with oversized hand crafted 0.8 copper air coils and our audiophile 250V foil capicators and integrated our ProZ circuit to pimp up to a high speed 6dB/Oct. passiv network. We left aside "nonsense" and designed an optional ProZ-LR, Tweeter Level Resistor Tool, to provide 5 settings for the always indiviudal customer installation. Smallest sized possible we support the installers with M3 tape can hold the network and resistor at suitable position.

Breaking point has been the Tweeter. Best results with PMI showed ever up in compare with ProX T2 Tech in past. We are very happy that we could succeed with compareable Performance in an even more handy sized design. The ProZ T2 high perform on demands of the quite low 2.5Khz xover point to meet those staging competition expects of ProZ Series. Detailed they set the smooth toping on the remarkable fundament of this perfect balanced combination. We improved ProZ T2 with our well known tinned u-Dimension Tweeter wire and increased up to 80cm length. We took care that ProZ T2 design optional fit to u-Dimension aluminium globes to secure highest demands of competition installation. We are sure we have done the best and are prepared to continue history in current time.

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